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The Pit of Despair

August 6th, 2006

The truth @ 08:18 am

*has been slightly edited for grammar and punctuation*

"take all your friends and all your family all the people you hold dear to your heart and close to you.... all the feelings you have ever felt for anyone ... and forget them all bc you aren't gonna see them for a year.... now all in one day... leave the place that you love... your home, your country, your state, your town, your life.... your car, your dog... everything... then once you have done that stick yourself with 52 other people that you will be living with for the next year of your life.... people from all different religions, beliefs ...thoughts ..theories... diff everything... people that you won't necesarily like but you will get along bc ...hey you have a year to spend with the asshole... then take your relationship if you have one and put it on a wire bc it WILL be teeter tottering on the edge bc your gf /bf wife/husband won't understand a thing that you are going through and will make up excuses as to why they are doing whatever it is that they do and you know what ... you will either lose that person or the stress will be unbearable bc no matter what you tell them they will allways be right and you have to not piss THEM off bc THEY have all the power...next... add the 130 degree heat and winds that feel like an oven is on ...constant details and getting screwed over by commanding officers and non commisioned officers...
if you drink or smoke well that sux bc there isnt any of that where im at...throw in some iraqi kids and some gun shots and explosions and rocket attacks and you might have a lil of what i go through on a day to day basis...." ~Matt

January 23rd, 2004

Friends Only @ 01:47 pm


Friends only, leave a message and I'll probably add you

January 13th, 2003

(no subject) @ 05:32 pm

Hey everyone who doesn't read this. =] I created a livejournal cause a friend of mine gave me a code, and I just thought that I should create one. I know a couple of people who have one, but I don't want to go looking at them cause I probably won't like what I see there. Anyways I hope this thing works out. Okay Adios.

The Pit of Despair